Benaka Art Conservation
Specialist in conservation and restoration of artworks
Specialist in conservation and restoration of artworks

Paper Conservation and Restoration

Paper Conservation is very complex because of its properties. Paper, being a sensitive material, requires special care and attention. It is easily susceptible to humidity. Light and temperature also play a major role in deterioration of paper. Paper being an organic substance attracts insects and micro organisms. Being in the tropical region, works of art on paper in Singapore are prone to all of the above mentioned problems.

Every paper has its own life span because of its properties, once the paper looses its strength, it will become very fragile. Paper absorbs acid gaseous pollution more strongly because of the presence of lignin. All cellulose is attacked by sulphuric acid from sulphur dioxide. Poor quality paper deteriorates more quickly than good quality rag paper. Since paper is made in the presence of water, it is very sensitive to humidity and environmental changes
By nature paper is hygroscopic. Being an organic material, paper is attractive to insects as a food source. It can easily affected by mould and fungus growth in a high humid and heat condition. 
Paper conservation is very complex because of all these above stated properties of paper. Paper conservation requires high degree of skill, knowledge and patience