Frame Restoration

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61002707, 91054377

64 Taman Warna

Chip Bee Gardens

Singapore 276386

We will try our best to answer general enquires. However, each and every artwork is different and unique. Therefore, in order to give specific advice we need to examine the art work in person. If you request us to visit your home or office, so that we can examine the artwork or art collection, we are happy to do so free of charge. Please note that our examination in situ is only fundamental with limited equipment. We recommend that you bring your artwork to our laboratory since we will be able to give you more information. If you want us to do a detailed examination, the artwork should be left with us for two to three working days, for which we will give you an official receipt. Again, we provide this service free of charge. 

Once the examination is completed, our conservator will prepare a condition report and treatment proposal, which we can send to you either by fax or email. Upon request we can prepare a very detailed examination report with photographs for which we will charge you accordingly. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. once you agree to our proposal, we will proceed with the treatment. In case of a need to change our treatment proposal during treatment we will notify you in advance.